Wednesday, May 25, 2005


Or should I say slow?

I hereby declare, on this 28th day of May, 2005, that I will abstain the from overpowering bilge of information offered up on these here Internets. My NewsFire has been purged of all news sites. I will not watch TV news either, nor read any newspapers or magazines unless I'm directed there by one of my trusted sources -- my friends and family, and these dozen or so cherished blogs:

about contemporary lit
bitchbook (& assorted mutterings)
cup o joel
death's door
house of e
me, myself + infrastructure
pomegranate pretty
thanks for not being a zombie
tony's kansas city

The following blogs are on the cusp; I'm not sure if they'll make the final cut:

the revealer
meditation blog

So, if your blog is on this list, and you're reading this, let me know if anything really important happens. I mean in the so-called real world. Obviously the stuff you folks write about all the time is extremely important, otherwise I wouldn't be taking it with me to my virtual island.

Theory behind this: I want to experiment with perceiving the world only through friends and distant admirees who, for the most part, are describing it for no other reason that it needs describing. By them. Money be damned.

More than that, I feel beaten down by information. Or addicted to it. Several times a day I reach for the laptop out of impulse and spend valuable time sifting through stories and blog entries. It gets in the way of bigger things I want to accomplish, books on my list, work I want to do, quality time with my woman, friends, family, and my dogs and cats. And the payoff is so small, except, I find, with these blogs I've listed here. All the stories moosh together, few stick with me in any meaningful way.

It'll be interesting to see if I can pull it off.

If so, my fast will break right around Labor Day weekend. (I will read books, of course; sounds like a good summer to me!)

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