Saturday, June 04, 2005

evangelist sandra nura ii

I heard back from the Evangelist Sandra Nura today. That was fast! She's all ready to start turning the $6 million over to me so I can spend it on behalf of the Lord.

Dear Brother Joe,

I thank you very much for the way and manner you
replied the mail I sent to you, I appreciate all your efforts and
concerns towards my health condition. I want you to know that the bible
made us to understand that all things works together for good to them a
that love God and to them who are called according to his purpose. I am
happy the way you accepted this good work of faith because the bible
said that our light should so shine that people will see us and give
glory unto the Lord our God. In terms of the genuineness of this
donation, I want you to know that I cannot play with the things of the
holy spirit for the Bible also said that what shall it profit a man to
gain the whole world and loose his life to hell fire, God forbid that
any of us will loose his or her soul after our works here on earth.

So, I will want you to please fully indicate you interest to carry on
with this good work of faith by sending the following informations to me
so that I will forward them to my personal lawyer for him to proceed to
the Bank where the funds are and change the beneficiary to your favour
to enable you the release the funds to you, you are to send the
following informations:

Your Full name and contact address,
Your private phone and fax numbers,
A scan copy of your international
paspport or national driving license.

As soon as I recieve the
above mentioned informations, I will immediately forward them to my
lawyer for him to proceed with legal aspects of this transfer. One
promise I want from you is for you to promise me that if the funds
finnally gets into your account that you will use the funds on the
Widows, Motherless babies and the less previledged around you and I
assure you that by so doing God will lift his counternance and blessing
s upon you. Try in your life to give a little help to the motherless
children and the bible said that the little help will make them smile
forever. I believe that this is a very good opportunity for you to show
love to the needy ones around you and I know that this type of
opportunity is rare to find but it is at your door step now, I pray that
God will give the strenght and power as you take a bold step in this
good work of faith. May the good God bless and keep you as I wait to
hear from you soon.

Yours in Christ,
Evangelist Sandra Nura.

One thing I noticed about this e-mail was that it wasn't from the same domain name, the one affiliated with the site that says Q'urans and Muslim attire. Still, I was pretty excited to hear back from Evangelist Sandra Nura. So I wrote back immediately:

Dearest Sister Evangelist Sandra Nura,

Blessed are those like you who evoke His name and spirit only for that which is righteous. The way I see it, if Jesus is the way, then the way is one of great sacrifice, because to me Jesus is all about doing right by others. To me, the whole WWJD thing boils down to one simple message: “Don’t be so damned selfish.”

That’s why I’m so awed by your generosity, Evangelist Sandra Nura, that you would strive so hard in your final hours battling illness to ensure that your fortune of $6 million is directed to widows and motherless babies. And I am just so grateful to God’s grace that, for reasons I may never know, you randomly chose me out of more than six billion people on this planet. Obviously God is speaking loudly and clearly through this fortuitous online meeting, and I am ready and willing to avail myself unquestioningly your Mission.

So, you requested some informations. I will gladly share that which I have. My full legal name is Josephine Dwayne Miller. My private phone number is 816-550-7486. I do not have a fax number. Nor do I have a passport or drivers ID, because I am without legs.

But please, Evangelist Sandra Nura, I exhort you to please call me directly on my personal number so that we can pray together before you give me this money to give to the widows and motherless babies.

God Bless you!

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