Monday, June 06, 2005

evangelist sandra nura iii

In my mailbox this morning:

Dear Sister Joe,

Calvary greetings to you in the name of our Lord
Jesus Christ. I am very gratefull for you response. I pray that God in
his infinite mercy will grant you the strenght to follow this up as the
Bible made us to understand that it shall come to pass that those that
work in the vineyard of the lord will be remembered by him. As you have
shown your full interest to do this good work of faith by forwarding
your contact informatons to me, I will forward them to my personal
attorney immediately for him to proceed to procure all the legal
documents that back up this transfer and I believe that he will be
contacting you soon. May the good God bless and keep you as I wait to
hear from you soon.

Below are his contact informations in case you
want to contact him yourself,

Name: Barrister Michael Igbaji

Address: Equity Chamber, 20 Burma Road Apapa Lagos

Phone: 234-803-7155756


Yours in Christ,
Sandra Nura.

To which I replied:

Dearest Evangelist Sandra Nura,

You will note, I am sure, that I am continuing our conversation via a different e-mail account. This is because last night I had a prophesy that the Devil has caught wind of our plan to do right by the widows and motherless children, and will stop at nothing to stop it. Angels spoke to me, evangelist Sandra Nura, and said that the devil at times enlists demons to use the Internets to do evil deeds. Satan intervenes in the form of a sheep bearing great gifts for the good of humanity but he is really a wolf from West Africa who will steal not only souls but all worldly possessions from unwitting and well-intentioned believers.

Bur we are safe here at this Yahoo! for Indians (subcontinental)[I opened a Sify account, like hers]. Praise God!

I could not help but noticed that you addressed me as "Sister" in your last message to me, whereas you greeted me as brother before. And I am so heartened that you finally understand that the Lord has blessed me with both parts!!

Oh my dearest Evangelist Sandra Nura, how I cherish these exchanges we have. But when, sweet sister, will we be able to pray together?

You have given me your lawyer's number, which I will call as soon as I figure out how to call Lagos, Nigeria, on a dime. But why, if we are to be bounded together on this mission, can we not truly work together, and leave the law out of it, especially the lawless law of Lagos? Can you not simply send me the $6 million? I will have to get a PO Box to facilitate the exchange. As I said, Lucifer is hounding us, and I don't want him coming by because I'm afraid his feet will scorch my rugs, and I just had them cleaned.

Lastly, Evangelist Sandra Nura, what is your favorite song? Mine is "I Feel Love," by Charlie Rich. It was the theme song for Benji!!!

Yours forever and ever,

Sister/Brother Josephine Dwayne Miller

Then I wrote her lawyer:

Dear Barrister Michael Igbaji,

God has guided Evangelist Sandra Nura to me to ensure that her fortune on $6 million will save the widows and motherless babies. Please send the money to me as soon as possible.

Yours In International Law,

Josephine Dwayne Miller

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