Wednesday, June 29, 2005

my heroes

I know that sometimes I come off like a left-wing sheep. If it's liberal, I'm for it. Truth is, I would probably be Republican if Republicans acted more like Republicans.

When I heard about the Supreme Court's unfortunate eminent domain decision, my first thought was, if Thomas and Scalia voted for that, I'm gonna be pissed.

To me, that would have proven, once and for all, that it's 1984, and two plus two really does equal five.

Fortunately, they voted according to their principles on this one, and the liberal judges showed just how bad the left can get.

If KC is any indication of how things work everywhere else, the use of eminent domain is Democrat dumbassedness with devastating muscle. Our idiotic Dem leaders, like Mayor Kay and Crony Kohn, think that it's government's duty to step in and fix everything. Kay in particular has been clear that she wants to boost economic development so that more tax revenue will come in so the city can offer more social services. So, like insecure sluts, she and the city's so-called leaders cut into the tax base to give unbelievable deals to anybody in a suit willing to take a chance on the urban core. Meantime the budget's been shrinking while lawyers and developers have gotten rich.

And as if it isn't enough to steal taxes from us poor and give it to them rich, they'll even condemn the property of our fellow citizen to give it to the fat cats so they canb build an ill-conceived albatross that no one will ever want to visit because it's contrived.

This is my biggest problem with Democrats. They think the government can solve everything. When, in a lot of instances, the best thing is for government to just get the hell out of the way.

Ugh. I'm not being very articulate here.

I'm just glad Rehquist, Thomas and Scalia voted the way they did. A lot of times I think they're dicks. But sometimes you need a grumpy conservative around to keep things in check. It's just too bad they didn't win this time.

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