Wednesday, June 01, 2005


I came home today to good news.

First, I hit the answering machine, and heard this:

Hey what's up joe, it's [Editor of The Slick, Dollar-a-Word Mag You've Been Dying to Write For]. Couple things I want to tell you, um, the front-of-the book editors are interested in working with you. They're not planning on accepting your pitch but they would really like to get you into the fold and have you start writing for them... Also we still got to figure out a story for you and I to work on [she edits the meatier back of the book], but I'm glad we're in touch. Be well.

Then I checked my e-mail, and got this from my book editor:

Hi Joe,

Good to hear from you. I'm just back in the office after a week away, so I
apologize for not responding right away. Indeed, I am deep into your
manuscript and enjoying it immensely. You do a wonderful job with the story
and poignantly evoke the aspirations of the kids at the center of the
book--all while giving the reader a sharp sense of the social and political
stakes here. There's certainly some cutting that could be done and passages
here and there that could be sharpened. Also, I think the voice--your
personal connection to the kids--needs some clarification. But in all, I
think it's a fine book. You should be very proud of your work.

I expect to have the manuscript back to you by the end of next week for a
final revision. I realize too that you are owed money once I have finished
reading this draft.

I'll look forward to being in touch soon.

All best wishes,


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