Saturday, July 02, 2005

exxxtreme gardening

Two years of serious gardening, two trips to the emergency room.

Last year it was me muscling a massive hunk of concrete out of the ground and somehow slipping and puncturing my ankle with a rusty wire.

This year:
Emergency Room Nurse: So what happened?

eXXXtreme Gardener: I tripped over a hammock.

ERN: Ah. Those hard summer days.

EG (thinking): Damn right, be-yotch!

Actually, I was carrying fertilizer. No. Not one of those 40-pound bags. Two quart-sized bottles. But still. My hands were full and I didn't quite lift my leg high enough to clear the hammock. Thought maybe I broke my ribs. (Just bruised.)

No, I didn't even think of going around it. Sheesh! What kind of pussy do you think I am?

But seriously. Has anyone ever died from gardening?

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