Saturday, August 06, 2005

louisville camp days 1 and 2

Eigth hours of driving, 500 miles and a cheap Illinois hotel later, we wind up in Louisville, for the first day of debate camp. KC kids have met up with about 20 other kids from DC, NYC, Baltimore, Atlanta and Compton to find their voices as debaters and pick up the tools they'll need to kick ass in the coming year.

Everything's going great so far. We started off with an inspiring lecture from Dr. Ede Warner, director of the Louisville debate program. He really got the kids fired up, at least ones who came with me. Domonique said afterward that Warner said everything he wanted to say about debate but hadn't been able to say himself.

Tomorrow we're going out for brunch at the classiest brunch joint in Louisville (after the kids have an opportunity to go to church), and then we'll dive in. I'll be assisting Tiffany, along with two other adults, in teaching a group of eight or ten debaters. First step: Start writing a speech.

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