Sunday, August 21, 2005

prairie man

My big thing this summer is canning. I went out and bought a big pot with a wire rack and some Kerr jars, and I've been going at it. Cool hobby. I like hobbies you can eat. Above are today's special: Blackberry jam (thanks, Jane, for the free berries).

It's hotter than hell, though, what with all burners on the stove going full blast, and steam everywhere. Every once in a while I pause and think this is how folks used to do it. They'd grow stuff in the summer and can it for the winter. And this was back before AC. And I'm like, man. That had to be some work.

Strange economy we have here in the US. Or strange life I'm living. Where what was once a dreaded, hot, miserable job has become a hobby. Something fun. What the hell does that say about me?

Here's what I've made so far this summer:

Them's tomatoes to the right, and blackberry preserves to the left. Hiding back in there somewhere is soome ungodly hot salsa.

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