Saturday, September 10, 2005

colby cheese

I am in Colby, Kansas, about a mile south of that red dot pictured above, in a Comfort Inn that offers WiFi, and I'm sitting in the hotel's restaurant trying unsuccessfully to construct a very long grammatically correct sentence about how I suspect that there's a big volleyball tournament in Colby this weekend because the place is overrun with tall girls wearing knee-high athletic socks and T-shirts that have "volleyball" printed on the front ("Husky Volleyball" to be exact) who move about in packs of six or eight, which is frustrating because whenever I approach a door I notice one of them on the other side and I step back to politely let her through only to find her attached to a phalanx of other volleyball girls boldly pushing through the door in a breathless blast of adolescent energy, until one of them sees me there and the great injustice of the situation registers with her, and she steps back and opens the door a bit wider and says, "Go ahead, sir," and I'm grateful for this, but it does little to assuage the fact that I'm in Colby, Kansas, and the WiFi isn't as satisfying as it seemed when I pulled off the highway after reading the sign that read "High Speed Internet, and the only thing I can think of to write is this awful sentence, though the burger I just ate wasn't half bad.

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