Thursday, September 22, 2005


Alright, here's the deal. I did not go to Marshall, Missouri, tonight to see Claire, and I'm probably going to pull a TKC back-flip on this whole new-direction-take-the-blog-to-another-level thing, because I ain't making any money on it, and it just seems nuts, and, above all, it's not fun.


I'm starting to worry that I'll broke come June, and I just don't have the energy or time to do a lot of work for free. Well, actually, I've been doing nothing but work for free for the past couple of days, in that I'm working on a book proposal I'm starting to have grave doubts about, and writing queries all damn day, and so far getting no bites (duh! I've only been at it a day), but, by June, by God, I'll be coasting on the buck-a-words, just wait and see.

So there. No Claire.

Instead I had dinner on the Plaza with rising political star Marcus Leach, president of UMKC's student government, and we had a good time talking about how stupid local Democrats are. He said, with total confidence, that he could help a virtual unknown beat Sam Graves on a $30,000 campaign. That's better than anything Claire would've said, guaranteed.

Oh, I'll still follow the Claire/Jim Showdown, but it'll be more along the RSS feed line (as in I'll be just another Joe Schmoe Blowhard). And I'll keep a toe in the Esmie story. I've still got some thoughts there.

But I want to go back to just writing random stuff and posting random pictures. So what if I never get four-or-five-figure hits. At least I'll be having fun. And isn't that what this is about?

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