Tuesday, September 27, 2005

measuring prejudice

I just took the Harvard Implicit Association Test to determine my level of prejudice. It was made famous in Malcolm Gladwell's bestseller Blink.

I did alright:
You have completed the Black-White IAT.
The line immediately below summarizes the results of your task performance.

Your data suggest little to no automatic preference between White American and African American.

I also took the presidential preference test. I had to choose between Reagan and Dubya. (Some choice.) Apparently, I hate Reagan more:
Your data suggest a moderate automatic preference for George W. Bush compared to Ronald Reagan.

(Seems about right.)

Lastly, I took the gender test.

Uh oh.

Allie's gonna kill me:
Your data suggest a slight association of Male with Science and Female with Liberal Arts compared to Female with Science and Male with Liberal Arts.

Interesting tests. They have a lot of them. I'm a little scared to take them all

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