Wednesday, September 14, 2005

show-me showdown: got gas?

Ok, Mr. Senator, you saidwe can get cheaper gas here in Missouri. Where is it?

This morning I e-mailed him this message:
Dear Senator Talent,

I appreciate your efforts to help bring renewable fuels options into the American marketplace. I am concerned about our dependence on fossil fuels, and I'm also feeling a hit in my wallet with the high price of gas. I welcome more options!

The other day I clicked on a link on your site to hear your comments at the Energy Committee meeting. I was excited to learn that some gas stations in Missouri are offering E-85 (an ethanol blend) for as little as $2 per gallon. I looked for this gasoline in the Kansas City area, but all I found was a 10-percent ethanol blend. Though this was a higher-octane gasoline, it wasn't any cheaper than the regular gasoline sold at my corner gas station.

Still, I would more than likely use this gas, because I would like to do my part to reduce our nation's dependence of fossil fuels. Problem is, the nearest gas station offering this fuel is on the outskirts of the metro area, more than ten miles from my home.

What is being done to make these allternatives more widely available here on the western edge of Missouri.

Yours very truly,

Joe Miller

Let's see what he has to say...

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