Saturday, October 15, 2005

long distance romance

A couple of years ago, a group of kids from Azerbaijan came to Kansas City for an exchange program with central High. And some Central kids visited Azerbaijan the following spring. Here's a long-distance IM chat between two of them that took place recently. Very sweet.
Night_Snipers: hello
Narmishka324: hi
Night_Snipers: i miss you
Night_Snipers: so how is life
Narmishka324: everything is Ok...
Narmishka324: how are u?
Night_Snipers: im fine--college is ok
Narmishka324: YOur University??
Night_Snipers: yea
Narmishka324: what is the time in Kansas???
Narmishka324: or where you are?
Night_Snipers: almost 1 pm
Night_Snipers: what time is it there
Narmishka324: 21:23
Narmishka324: sorry 53
Narmishka324: your are not in college?
Night_Snipers: yes
Night_Snipers: we have two days off
Narmishka324: holyday?
Narmishka324: or its' allways like that?
Night_Snipers: no
Night_Snipers: just a fall brake
Night_Snipers: thats all
Night_Snipers: so....have u been getting my emails
Narmishka324: of course... if I answerd them
Night_Snipers: can may i ask....
Narmishka324: ...
Night_Snipers: is there any way that i can contact you---like a phone call--a text messege--a letter in the mail
Narmishka324: your contacting me by e-mail.
Night_Snipers: i wanna hear your voice or at least see your handwritting
Night_Snipers: x100
Narmishka324: what about phone, i just afraid that I cuoldn't understand you, cause my English is very bad
Narmishka324: and I really didn't speak to anyone since you lefty
Narmishka324: so it will be just wasting your money to call me
Night_Snipers: woman i wouldnt care if you couldnt talk--i just want to know your on the other line
Narmishka324: what about handwriting...
Narmishka324: that's nice idea
Night_Snipers: i could write yo u
Night_Snipers: send you a letter
Narmishka324: lets go back to 60ns, and write mail to each other
Narmishka324: Azerbaijan, Baku
Night_Snipers: but i still wanna hear your voice
Narmishka324: Azadlig ave. 151b ap37 for Rustamova Narmina
Night_Snipers: u dont understand--how much that i just wanna come to baku
Night_Snipers: and see you
Night_Snipers: $
Narmishka324: I undesrtand you....
Narmishka324: I really want it too.... maybe me coming to kansas
Narmishka324: But what can we do??????
Night_Snipers: i know--thats that sad part
Night_Snipers: so do you really miss me
Night_Snipers: lol
Narmishka324: of course...
Night_Snipers: x1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Night_Snipers: you see my crazy pic
Narmishka324: it isnt crazy.... its nice
Night_Snipers: i know
Night_Snipers: goofy americans
Narmishka324: what does it means???
Night_Snipers: that we are speical people
Night_Snipers: lol
Night_Snipers: but you are too
Narmishka324: you show me one more time, that americans like only themselfs ]
Narmishka324: Thats not bad
Night_Snipers: so may i still call you--- i swear it wont be a waste of my money
Narmishka324: I really hesitate... I don't know....
Night_Snipers: it's ok
Night_Snipers: how about i start with a letter to you--and you respond back--lets see how that goes
Night_Snipers: i will have to find something to write about
Narmishka324: I will be really happy to get a letter from you...
Narmishka324: just write your exact adress, so i could mail you back
Night_Snipers: Ebony Rose
Night_Snipers: B0921107)
Night_Snipers: LOL
Narmishka324: have u a mobile phone?
Night_Snipers: Ebony Rose
Box (921107)
University of Louisville
Louisville, KY 40292
United States Of America

Night_Snipers: yes i have a mobile phone
Narmishka324: whats your number.
Narmishka324: what about my adress, I'll write you tommorow bu email.
Narmishka324: cause i don't know the number of our post ofice.
Narmishka324: a should call them and ask .
Night_Snipers: +15026446147
Night_Snipers: what is your address
Narmishka324: that is the number with all codes?
Narmishka324: I'll w2rite you tomorrow
Night_Snipers: ok
Narmishka324: I'v just send u sms....
Narmishka324: You get it!!!!!!!!!!
Narmishka324: woooooooooooooow
Night_Snipers: x100
Narmishka324: thats cool..... never think that our sistem of mobile phones can contact with yours
Night_Snipers: yeap----now every time you need me --you can send me a sms
Narmishka324: u too
Night_Snipers: -narmina
Narmishka324: how are Joe and anny??????
Night_Snipers: they are fine
Narmishka324: didn't they get married yet?
Night_Snipers: not yet
Narmishka324: what about their LOVELY dogs?????
Narmishka324: as allways
Night_Snipers: as always
Narmishka324: doubl "l"
Night_Snipers: only one "l"
Night_Snipers: always i will remember you
Night_Snipers: that's how is used
Narmishka324: so you see.... my English is........................................
Night_Snipers: GREAT
Narmishka324: I jsut haven't any new on my PC
Narmishka324: just
Night_Snipers: do you have some old ones
Night_Snipers: but u can send me some over the mail
Narmishka324: but I gonna scan some, for u and alsou for my Mum
Narmishka324: Of course I will send
Narmishka324: But 1st i wait a letter from u.....
Narmishka324: with pic of u, and your aunti... and everybody a know ...
Night_Snipers: ok
Night_Snipers: U MADE MY DAY AGAIN
Narmishka324: How are them...... Mr Rinehard, geoffrey, day
Narmishka324: ????
Narmishka324: YOud made my nigth cause i'm going to sleep soon
Night_Snipers: Jane is still teaching, geffory is in his last year of high school---day is is her 2nd year of college so is dionnie--antione is in his 1st year of college
Narmishka324: Do you see them????
Night_Snipers: some day soon i will get to walk down the street holding your hand
Narmishka324: Where Antione is? What college?
Night_Snipers: i see them some but not lately b/c im 8 hours away from home
Narmishka324: all of them are i Kansas??
Night_Snipers: Univerity of Kansas City Missouri i think
Narmishka324: in Kansas.
Night_Snipers: we live in Missouri
Narmishka324: I know.......
Night_Snipers: Kansas City, Missouri
Night_Snipers: you know what
Narmishka324: that your living in Kansas City, Missouri!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Night_Snipers: hahahaha
Night_Snipers: hahahahaha
Night_Snipers: u live in Baku
Night_Snipers: i know that
Narmishka324: Say big big HI, to my notholding friend Antione!!!!
Narmishka324: You dont know the name of the state I live in........ hahahaha
Night_Snipers: Azerbaijan
Night_Snipers: hahahaha
Narmishka324: but the region......
Night_Snipers: .....ummmmmm..............Narminaland
Narmishka324: you liv in USA, Missouri, Kansas City
Narmishka324: A live in Azerbaijan, ................., Baku
Narmishka324: Maybe maybe....
Narmishka324: in some yaers they gonna recall it to Narmina, when I become the president of Az...
Night_Snipers: damn right
Night_Snipers: i will be there when that happens
Narmishka324: !st woman president in our state....
Night_Snipers: YEY
Narmishka324: hope u reaaly will.
Narmishka324: do you still listen to Nigth Sn?
Night_Snipers: yea---sounds better when your singing though
Narmishka324: thanks
Night_Snipers: LOL
Narmishka324: last time a changed NP to Nickelback....
Narmishka324: So your listening my music, and I'm to your
Narmishka324: Funny
Night_Snipers: how is the crying song
Night_Snipers: i still listen to SADE
Narmishka324: Crying song.... its always with me
Narmishka324: + your flower made from paper
Night_Snipers: you still have that
Narmishka324: of course....
Night_Snipers: i still have your letter you gave me when your were mad--u made a airplane out of it
Narmishka324: It will always be with me.... even my childred, and grandchildren will lokk at this flower and listen to the Crying sont, and tell their children an old story about me adn you
Night_Snipers: well hopefully i will be with you--to tell the story too
Narmishka324: sorry to say that, but I think that when my grandchildrens children wil come to this wold, we will die for that tiome .....
Narmishka324: that story gonna be a legent
Night_Snipers: how about our children
Night_Snipers: ok
Narmishka324: it was funny
Night_Snipers: what was
Night_Snipers: when i said "ok"
Narmishka324: all that.... about children, and "our children" particualli
Night_Snipers: oh--thats funny--why is that---
Narmishka324: u don't think so...?
Night_Snipers: no--
Narmishka324: why?
Night_Snipers: why not
Narmishka324: what, why not??????
Night_Snipers: you heard me---why is it funny
Narmishka324: just because it is funny... dreaming of legends about that.... and so on
Night_Snipers: oh--so not having "our kids" is not funny but thinking of us as legends is ok
Night_Snipers: oh--so not having "our kids" is not funny but thinking of us as legends is i understandNarmishka324: maybe its not funny, but it's the reality....
Night_Snipers: hahahaha
Night_Snipers: x100
Night_Snipers: telling kids that Ebony and Narmina was using their pillow and bear to talk to each other when the power when out
Night_Snipers: i remember you said to me
Narmishka324: ...
Night_Snipers: Ebony "oh narmina dont leave me" --Narmina "im not leaving you this time your leaving me"
Night_Snipers: i used to sing to you every day
Narmishka324: I cried in the airport
Night_Snipers: i when see you again im going to sing to you everyday--
Night_Snipers: or when you want me to
Night_Snipers: im going to hold your hands and tell you how beautiful you are--every day--and sing the crying song
Night_Snipers: would you love that
Narmishka324: you know, you'r still the onlu man who have ever sing to me... and sit in my room all nigth long
Night_Snipers: hopefully i will be the only man to keep singing to you
Narmishka324: azeri boys can't sing..... you'll always be the only one
Night_Snipers: hahahaha
Night_Snipers: thats good--and if some azeri boy tries to sing to you--tell them "im waiting for ebony to come back"
Night_Snipers: lol
Night_Snipers: x100
Narmishka324: promise
Narmishka324: But now I must go..... I gt some home to do for tommorow....
Narmishka324: homework
Narmishka324: so.... tomorrow i will write you mu adress, and i'm waiting a mail from you with pics
Narmishka324: Have a nice day
Night_Snipers: you too
Night_Snipers: good night
Night_Snipers: x100x100
Narmishka324: Bye>>


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