Tuesday, November 01, 2005

iowa caucus 2005

Some of you more loyal readers might recall a post I made last year about Central High's fantastic performance at the Iowa Caucus, a big debate tournament in Cedar Rapids. Well, we returned this year and did even better.

All of Central's varsity debaters had winning records. Dominique Baker and Sean Easterwood went four-two, though they didn't clear to the trophy rounds.

Geoffery Stone took first-place speaker for the second year in a row:

(BTW, when his name was called at the awards ceremony he received a standing ovation, which is something I can't recall ever seeing at a tournament, though I haven't been around the game for long.)

Sophomores Aaron Thomas and Matheno Frasier-Bey advanced to octofinals, where they lost to eventual champion LeMars High of Iowa:

(This is quite an accomplishment, considering the two are sophomores; the jump from novice to varsity is very, very difficult.)

Geoffery and Leodis advanced to semifinals, where they got beat by a very good team from Wichita East:

(in the process, they picked up their first TOC bid of the year, which is a pretty big deal if you're sompeting on the national debate circuit.)

It was a great weekend, with many highlights. Above all it was great to see our squad (coaches, like me, included) having good, friendly interactions with folks from other schools. There were a lot of Kansas schools there, and it was cool to get to know some of them, and to see them do so well in the competition.

I came home exhausted, but with my spirits lifted considerably.

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