Wednesday, November 02, 2005

mr. journalist

I've been following the adventures of Mr. Cellophone, a brilliant student at Oak Park High in suburban KC, for some time now. I'm particularly pleased with the recent twists of his life story. It seems he's gone and gotten himself enrolled in newspaper class. Today he reported that his first story got published in the school paper, but it wasn't very satisfying:
I got my thing published in the school paper. It's kind of cool to see your name on the front of a paper with several thousand copies. But, ya know, meh. Doesn't change the fact that it's boring as hell. I want to start an Oak Park alternative news magazine. We'd print really subversive and inflammatory and unnecessarily long features about how the administrators are fucking us over with their MAP testing and their socialist philosophies and their high cafeteria prices. Maybe some investigative journalism about how our assistant principal used to be a transvestite stripper or something. We'd write reviews of really obscure Italian films and the newest avant-freak-folktronica albums. It would be called OP Weekly.

Hmm. Sounds like my early career.

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