Monday, March 13, 2006


Allie found $11 on the ground in our neighborhood. I told her to frame it.

For the past several weeks, Allie has been worried about money. She works freelance. She makes very good money doing so, but the paydays are somewhat unpredictable. So far it has worked like this: She gets worried about running out of money and starving to death. To avoid this she does a lot of work to find more work. The work comes in, often from the most unexpected places, and she gets busy working. Because she's working, she doesn't do a lot of work finding work. So when the work's all done, she gets worried again about where more work is going to come from. And that starts the cycle over again, with her working to find more work.

During the worrisome times she confides in me about her worry. I tell her, "Don't worry. When you put it out there, stuff always comes through. You always find money in the most unexpected places."

And right after I said this she found $11 on the ground. This proved me right. I told her to frame the money. Because she won't really need it. Not with the several thousand dollars of work she's suddenly gotten from the most unexpected places.

These are good things to remember. If you have a computer and are privileged enough to be able read this or any other blog entry, chances are things will work out no matter how tight things seem with money. You will not starve until the revolution comes and the East conquers the West in capitalism.

(Allie will not frame the money but instead she has photographed it and she will use it as wallpaper on her laptop.)


pomegranate said...

I'm so glad to see you!

nadia said...

That rocks. Congratulations!

pomegranate said...

i just saw that profile update too! sweet! (always with the eloquent, this one)