Wednesday, April 19, 2006

debate awards

I went to the DEBATE Kansas City awards ceremony last night. Got me in a real good mood. The highlight was a speech delivered by this kid named David from Washington High in KCK. It was a scorcher of a screed about civil liberties. Full of passion. David's going to Morehouse next year.

And I'm happy to say that Central High (where I help coach) defended its legacy as the debate powerhouse in Kansas City, by claiming the top three awards in the varsity division and by winning the biggest award in the league: the sweepstakes award for most overall points.

In other debate news, the University of Kansas finished first in the nation in varsity rankings, beating out Dartmouth and Harvard, which were second and third respectively. The Jayhawks finished second in overall rankings, behind Jerry Falwell's Liberty University. UMKC finished sixth in overall rankings and tenth in varsity. And Missouri State was fifth in varsity rankings.


trAcy said...

that is good news. me and debate-kc never have each other on radar. . . .i assume no one was from "the neighborhood?"

Anonymous said...

what about OU and that kid can speak really well but he sucks at debating. he'd do really well on the Missouri circuit but would lose on the national circuit

joe said...

What about OU? I think they still have a missing ingerdient. Maybe this year's recruiting class will take them up a notch.

And that kid... Missouri, National circuit, don't matter. He was on point, and he got all the mamas in the crowd mm-hmming, which is important.

And... I forgot to mention Desmond Mason, two time top speaker for DEBATE Kansas City. Way to go Desmond! Free the land!!!

Anonymous said...

All the mommas in the world aren't judging debate rounds nor are they running debate tournaments. And I believe that it was those five black guys from central who were mm hmming in the back to be funny not to grant and validity to his speech.

Free the land is nice.