Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Allie and I are stepping up. We're taking our rightful place in the pack.

A friend of ours loaned us The Dog Whisperer. It's the weirdest thing. Most of the advice is to ignore your dog. To treat 'em like a second class citizen. It seems mean. Like, when we come home, we're not supposed to drop everything and great them with hugs and kisses. We're supposed to ignore them. Not even look then in the eye.

When we feed them, we're supposed to eat a cracker right in front of them, without looking at them, before we give them food.

I definitely wouldn't treat a friend or a relative this way. But the dogs love it. It's like they can finally relax. They don't have to worry about protecting the pack (bite), making decisions and boss around (bark), anything. They can just kick back and feel safe.

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Pensive Girl said...

yeah! i LOVE ceaser!!!
(the dog whisperer)
our neighbor turned us on to it, and it has revolutionized our life.