Friday, May 05, 2006

ax falls on wrong heads

This is an outrage.

I'd heard through the grapvine that the KC school district was planning to cut jobs to save money. The way I'd heard it, they were going to axe teachers and demote some vice principals to teaching postions.

It's a seniority thing.

That was the theme of the Star article I link to above. Heartbreaking story. Two totally qualified, enthusiastic and energetic administrators get the boot simply because they don't have enough seniority.

Well, here's a dirty little secret about the KC school district: Seniority equals ineptness.

That's right. For the most part, the longer folks last in the district the worse educators they are. To survive in the KC district, you have to be a bureaucratic animal who cares first and foremost about self preservation, maintaining the status quo and treating students like numbers.

If the school board really wanted to make this district better, they'd straight-up fire 90 percent of the vice principals, and 90 percent of the teachers who've been with the district for more than 15 years, and hire young, idealistic and creative teachers out of college at a discount.

But, obviously, unions and tradition mean more than kids.


trAcy said...

re: business:
if you have a moment in the latter half of monday or first part of tuesday for a call, i have info re: our local schools' getting screwed in this deal, too. needs development. . . .

Happy In Bag said...

That's a brave post. I commend you.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of schools across the US have unionized teachers with the same seniority structure. Yet someone they manage.