Wednesday, May 24, 2006

bad business

I'm no business-world genius, but I'm smart enough to know that Warren Buffet is. Seems to me the guy from Omaha has a pretty good sense of what will make money and what won't.

So what did he say about newspapers?

They're in permanent decline.

I can't help but wonder about the Star's beautiful new printing press. Is that going to become a financial albatross around their neck?

If I were still working for a local news outlet, I'd be pouring over documents made public in the Knight-Ridder sale to find out how much they owe on that thing.

Again, I wonder about their web presence. Are they going to put as much effort into making their website look good as they are into their print product?

To me, Buffet's warning seems obvious. I don't subscribe to the paper and I doubt I ever will again. It's big and awkward, too demanding physically. I can't scan it digitally. I have to clean my hands I after I read it. And every week I've got to lub a heavy pile of the old news out to the curb.

No thanks.

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Anonymous said...

I know it's off topic, but I'm sure you still follow KCMSD politics. They revealed their candidates today, one of whom I found was accused of financial mismanagement after Googling for a whole 45 seconds:

Posted Saturday, November 09, 2002 by Casey
News Flash! Mismanagement in Public Schools!

According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution:
"Birmingham and Alabama school officials say millions of dollars were overspent--and millions more lost due to mistakes--under former Superintendent Johnny Brown, who now heads DeKalb County schools."

Two other candidates (Aquine Brown and Audrey Donaldson) have been finalists multiple times in the past year, but that could be a good thing, we'll get everyone else's second place (an improvement for us?). Donaldson does have ties to Sylvan Learning Centers, so I'd give it about a month after she's hired before KCMSD signs a contract.

The final candidate is a former superintendent from South Carolina who was the operations officer for the 101st airborne. He's currently a middle school principal, and he's white, which means for better or for worse he probably doesn't have a chance.