Wednesday, May 10, 2006

internet scandal

Against my best interest, I agreed to field a few questions from Tony of Kansas City. As suspected, he has completely taken my words out of context, and he may well have destroyed my career. Please watch at my own peril.

True, I read Tony's blog four or five times per hour day, but I'm not proud of that fact. His sexist and racist screeds and buxom j-pegs are an affront to all that is Kansas Citian and Hispanic, and I am quite frankly shocked that They allow his mother to serve the community as a volunteer.

Thank you, Tony


Anonymous said...

Is that a photo of Tony? My God, he's an obese slob! No wonder he writes such ugly things about people...he's absolutely grotesque!

Anonymous said...

You're back! How did I miss this? Good to "hear" from you again. : ^ )