Sunday, May 28, 2006

a sunday

I am in Chicago, paying the Hilton corp (Paris?) $10 to acccess the web. Now regretting the purchase, because I had no e-mail waiting for me, and that's why I forked over the cyber-cough, hoping I'd have a message waiting.

Geoffery and Leodis advanced to quarterfinals of the National Catholic Forensic League championships. It's the best finish Central has ever had at a national championship tournament. Not bad.

I went for a seven-mile run along the lake front. Freaking gorgeous. Especially when I rounded the corner at Shedd Aquarium and the whole Chicago skyline opened in front of me.

Then I went with Sean to the Museum of Contemporary Art, where they had a mediocre Warhol exhibit and a slightly more interesting one by some hotshot photographer. I bought a Sox cap.

Now I'm writing this $10 blog entry. Do you think it's worth it?


from_yesterday said...

Yeah, I'd say so.

Tony said...

Hell ya! You could have driven up the value to 30 if you had posted a bootleg Warhol photo. Good stuff I think, even without pic. Also, running in Chicago voluntarily is pretty brave. Peace and a safe trip home.

Anonymous said...

who this "sean" kid. Is he a debater as well. You sould talk more about him!