Friday, June 02, 2006

el migre

I'm kind of on a KC Currents praise kick right now. I hope Sylvia can handle it. But I keep listening to these shows and my mind is so stimulated.

Their coverage of the immigration debate has been supperb. I especially enjoyed the April 2 edition. Once you get past the opening segment about the stadium tax (that kind of glosses over all the patronage connections of the main sources on the piece) you get a fascinating diversity of perspectives within the Latino community.

I remember talking to Sylvia while back. She mentioned that she was really stressing about how to cover this story in a not-so-predictable way. Well, she did what other reporters ought to do. She looked past the usual suspects that reporters always go to on this issue, found some new voices and put a microphone in front of them.

Sorry, Sylvia, to embarrass you, but this is great stuff.

(I'll probably have more throughout the day, as I'm gardening iPod, and KC Currents is the audio du jour.

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