Friday, June 23, 2006

headlines redux

Today was a particularly bad day for headlines at the website for our local daily newspaper.

  • Digital doc works tirelessly
  • Hoop It Up tourney
  • Ready for a hike?
  • Lone Jack
  • Affordable living
  • Police stay mum on case
  • Attempted burglary indictments
  • Consolidation frenzy grows
  • His family felt the love TRIBUTE
  • Gloomy path ahead Analysis
  • Proposal would unfreeze the secrecy

Is there anyone out there who can tell me what these headlines mean and why I should click on them to read the story on the other side?

This is ridiculous.

When are they going to give the same love and attention to the web (a growing audience and expanding market) that they give to print (dying audience and shrinking market)?

I don't get it. They spend all this time and energy (and, presumably, money) doing blogs and video. They obviously know it's important. But they won't take the most basic essential first step of offering headlines that make sense.

1 comment:

ginak said...

did you see the headline about how experts urge teens to get "shot for cancer"? that one was a winner. it was in the print edition a few days ago.