Monday, June 05, 2006

it's starting

My book isn't even out yet and already I'm checking my sales rank on Amazon. From what I understand authors obsessively check the stats when their books come out, so I'm probably due for a miserable fall.

I have no idea how they work or what they mean. But I was surprised to find that I was ranked 297,305th, right between the unabridged audiobook of The Courtship by Catherine Coulter and the Microsoft Reader download of Collared & Leashed, A Novel of Female Domination by Chris Bellows.

Which would seem pretty dismal, except the last time I checked a week or so ago I was languishing somwhere in the 750,000th place range. So I've suddenly jumped about a half million places.

What could this mean? Did a relative of mine stealthily order a bunch of copies? Or does the sale of one or two books catapult one astronomically up the ranks?

The good news:

I am now the undisputed leader of the Joe Millers.


heidi said...

I won't be here by the time your book comes out in October, so pleeeease come do a reading in the NYC/NJ area!

Dan said...

Yesterday, I pre-ordered your book from Amazon, and it bumped up to #130,782. I like to think I played a part . . .