Friday, June 02, 2006

more good news

God bless this guy:
Westport Flea Market savior Joe Zwillenberg had one word for the bevy of payday loan businesses who wanted to take over his Joe’s Burger at 4101 Main: No.

“I’ve had three major check-cashing companies wanting to buy it or lease it,” Zwillenberg says. “I turned down two and one-half times what I paid for it to one because I didn’t want it to be a payday loan place. Because I care about the people in the neighborhood, and I want something (there) that’s going to help them, not take advantage of them. You’ve got the Community Blood Center and St. Paul’s.”

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Cross-X by Joe Miller

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trAcy said...

i always think "i could be rich if i opened a payday loan store" and why am i not?

I try to justify the selling-of-soul by saying that i wouldn't charge 1,000% interest like the others do (exaggeration, but what missouri law allows is ridiculous) - you know, be a "good" payday loaner who taught real banking skills, telling people "you need to open a real bank account," etc., putting myself out of business, essentially.

this great building on 31st or so (near costco) that we had wanted so badly for art and life was snatched up before we could say "hello, bank" and is now a stupid payday loan store.

hurray to joe of the burger.

dear kc council and zoning-related lawyers: think maybe you could limit these dang things? not everyone is un-evil enough to say no to the cold, hard cash.