Monday, June 05, 2006

scavenger hunt

Got this in the Gmail today:

I'm Gayle, and I'm part of the New York City-based arts organization Ars Subterranea. We are holding an event/scavenger hunt in Kansas City this Saturday, with Kansas City's Grand Arts (, as part of its 'Urban Test Sites' two-weekend event.

I'm e-mailing you because you are interested or knowledgeable about Kansas City architecture, KC art, or both.

We're still looking for participants for 'Kansas City Confidential.' Below is a description of the event, which is 4 hours of FREE FUN. The scavenger hunt will be conducted in groups in cars.

Please join us or forward this e-mail and info on to people that you think are interested in a fun, interactive experience with Kansas City's "forgotten places" this Saturday. We promise those attending that they will never see Kansas City in the same way again!

Anybody 18 + over is welcome to attend this event; our sold-out events in New York appeal to a broad age group. No previous knowledge is required. Please post this information on blogs and websites. We are looking forward to sharing this event with the people, as well as the spaces, of Kansas City!

See you Saturday?

Best regards,

Saturday, June 10, 3 - 7 pm

Kansas City Confidential

City-wide scavenger hunt organized by Ars Subterranea, New York (

Meeting place to be announced at time of RSVP.

Based on the film noir from 1952, this urban scavenger hunt will send teams of explorers into the neglected underbelly of Kansas City. Participants will use architectural clues to foil a dark conspiracy hinted at in the film, which threatens to engulf the City Beautiful. En route, the teams learn to read historic buildings for messages that will
bring them closer to their goal. This game will take place on the streets of Kansas City with 52 participants, one for each card in a deck. This event/ /requires pre-registration by e-mail to:

Ars Subterranea is an artistic preservation group based in New York City whose goal is to bring attention to forgotten yet historically significant locations through site-specific events and other creative projects, including publishing and exhibitions. Previous projects have included an exhibition on subterranean art inside an abandoned rail tunnel, a scavenger hunt based on underground streams in New York, and a planned commemoration of a lost Paleozoic museum in Central Park, among others. (

I'm game. Anyone else?

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nate said...

You should do it! There's a "Repo Man"-themed scavenger hunt articled in the new Believer magazine. (subtle hint: pick up the new Believer magazine Joe)