Saturday, July 15, 2006


It's Allie's birthday today, so we celebrated at the new woopty-doo public pool up in the Northland. Hands down, the best public pool in the metro area. The covered slide is a rush -- pitch black inside and fast. They got two high dives, an inner-tube river, a big kiddy jungle gym water deal, a bunch o kiddy fountains, and other refreshing stuff.

Allie and I haven't been to a public pool since our early dating days. We used to do it a lot. I still like it when they play that Lifehouse song on the speaker sound system. It's like the best mid-summer, Midwestern public-pool song. It sort of makes time stop when you're standing up there on the high dive.


ginak said...

I didn't know it was Allie's birthday... will you tell her happy birthday for me? I now know 3 people with July 15 birthdays, and observing the three of them, I feel more certain than ever that astrology is a bunch of hooey. Nothing alike!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Allie!

James M.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Allie! If I had only known, I'd have baked you a big tofu pie. With carob-cookie crust.
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx cjf