Tuesday, August 08, 2006

canning documentary

Allie and I drove 75 miles southwest of KC yesterday to Gordon's Orchard in Roscoe, MO, to buy a peck of peaches. Actually, two and a half pecks, plus a peck of nectarines. Today I canned six quarts. Click on the above photo image for documentary proof.


mark said...

I like the peaches in the blue glass bowl. That's beautiful.

mark said...

Btw, how many peaches in a peck?

And why do you can them? I mean, I like peaches and all, but it would never occur to me to can them to eat later, as though sometime in the near future the availability of peaches will dip drastically.

Crazy midwesterners.

joe said...

These are super fresh, locally grown peaches. Canning them allows you to have the taste of summer in winter.

Anonymous said...

It's like the opposite of freezing snowballs.