Saturday, August 05, 2006


News of Floyd Landis's downfall totally bums me out. Not only because of our shared heritages, but because cycling is just about the only sport that still excites me. The Tour de France is especially compelling because it's such a Herculean challenge (and because it's dang purty to watch them rolling through all those French countrysides). It's a pinacle of human achievement, kind of like art in that way. So when a scandal like this happens, I honestly feel as though I've been robbed, if not of my faith in humanity (because that would be cliche), then certainly of my pride in it.

Oh well, there's still debate. They have a doping problem there -- especially on the college circuit -- but it's not of the performance-enhancing variety.

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Joel said...

Yeah, I share your feelings. I try not to let sports ever affect my emotional state, but -- for the same reasons you cite -- I'm kinda feeling sad about this Landis thing.