Friday, August 25, 2006

super dog

Gobo is officially one of the cutest dogs in the literary world!

Kansas Citians may recall his first (and only)published article. Now he's gone global, having been deemed one of the literary world's cutest dogs by's Galleycat!

Here's the proof!!

(The writer, Ron Hogan, also said some very kind words about Cross-X. As in, he throws in a few acronyms that are very, very flattering. They refer to some pretty well-known awards, in case you're scratching your heads.)


Tony said...

Damn, Joe. I did not know you were that connected to the Tall Israeli media that they give props to your dog AND your book. That's nice and I'm winking at you behind my tinfoil helmet.

Anonymous said...

Joe your dog is ugly and Racist nac nack nack lol jk