Saturday, August 19, 2006

the waning days bachelorhood

This one is for the benefit of the giddy folks back home: Today I went shopping for wedding dresses with Allie. The one that I really liked only came in black or blue. No, I don't think that's a sign.

At one point I found myself waiting while Allie tried on dresses. I was sitting in a little chair beside a mirror, with my little baseball hat on, watching women shop. It reminded me of when I was a little boy and my mom dragged me to shopping malls and forced me to wait while she shopped and tried stuff on. To bide the time I used to fantasize about owning the mall and turning it into the coolest house in the world. Today I passed the time by wondering what it would have been like to be at the corporate board meeting when they gave the go-ahead for mannequins with hardened nipples. What a moment that must have been.


trAcy said...

my dress was blue. (sky kindof blue.) bought online from speigel. the thing about non-white, you can wear it again, at least once, a bit like they did 100-150 years ago.

Anonymous said...

I hope Allie's going to wear a dress made from organic cotton sewn by American Union workers and NOT sold at Wal-Mart.

sylvia said...

Is this where y'all have been? Wedding-land . . . congratulations!!!!