Wednesday, August 02, 2006


My friends Joel and Jocelyn got married on the same weekend that Floyd Landis supposedly won the Tour de France. Though Joel and Floyd share a similar heritage I'm fairly certain that Joel was not juiced up. Not unnaturally, anyway.

Here are some kiddie folk oggling the delicious cake.

The ceremony was so sweet and touching that I leaned over and whispered in Allie's ear, "We should have one of these." And ever since... well, let's just say plans are in the making.


Joel said...

Wow. We look beautiful. Good pics, Joe.

evan said...

'bout time!

Jo said...

Thanks for putting those up, Joe. They're the first pics live! We meet with the photographer Monday (ostensibly) to pick up the ones she took.

We really do look good. I'm surprised to be happy with how I look in a picture for once (my Blogger photo is the only other time in recent memory that I've liked a pic of myself!)

joe said...

I thought you all might like it.

trAcy said...

i knew it. . . .everyone has a wedding!

Duygu said...

Hey Jocelyn and Joel,
perfect photo .. I am glad to see the photos :)
oh wedding :)

I wish you both the best :)

viele Liebe Grüße aus Stuttgart :))