Wednesday, September 06, 2006


There's been a lot of stuff I've wanted to blog about over the last few days, but I've been too busy to get it done.

Like, I watched John Stossel's report Stupid in America, about public school. I usually think Stossel's a tool. And this report did include some of his ethically dubious tricks. But I have to say I agreed with him on a lot of points.

Of course, it was a thrill to see images of Central High, which Stossel used to illustrate his point that money won't solve the problem. I agree, to an extent. Money poorly spent won't solve the problem. I never hear anyone who sends they're kids to Pembroke Hill say that money's a problem over there.

I'm still working my way through the audio recording of Truman. I'm starting to like him. He's kind of like an average Midwestern schmoe who aimed high and hit way higher than he aimed. He just dropped the bomb, and now he's struggling mightily with economics. I still got a long way to go. It's like 50 hours.

Allie and I have been watching season three of The Wire. I'll just go ahead and say it: Best TV show ever made. I should do a series of blog posts about this show. I really should. It's just so deep.

Been making frozen goodies with a present Allie's mom and pop recently gave to us.

The fall crops have sprouted.

Debate practice started yesterday.

I get interviewed today about my book.

Sorry for the boring grab bag.


Anonymous said...

really and how is practice going/ they aren't acting an ass are they/ tell them don't make me come up there lol and take off my belt

trAcy said...

the cuisinart frozen item maker is out of stock! tempt and withdraw! (i know it's not your fault. now i can't be your book-tour groupie anymore. sorry, i'll come to local only.) : )

joe said...

Practice is going pretty well actually. Some tension between Ryan and Shawnee, but we could've predicted that.