Sunday, September 24, 2006

more baker & stone

Apparently, Geoffery and Dominique won every single round where they debated on negative. Said they got a solid strqategy. So I pulled up the caselist coming out of the tournament. And here's what I fiind:
Oklahoma BS (Baker & Stone)


Fuck system

Fuck it again….

And again….

One more time…

To the tenth power….

Yeah, and fuck the system

A little radical. Like, here's the notes on the negative strategy for Emory's top team, the only one that went undefeated:
Emory MP (Miller & Pramanick)


T – explicit overrule – no new grounds

Judicial federalism
Williams 2006, Maryland LR
“studies have shown … involvement of state costs”

Impact – Williams 2006, “As John Kincaid has observed…outside the courts will follow”

Link – “under the precedent of recent… to abortion cases in Ohio”
Natalie Wright 1993, Ohio State Law

Mass v. EPA DA – Same as Gonzaga case list

State Courts CP

Law K –
Knowledge not centralized
Brian Crowley 1999 – “but in the Hayetian… wide ranging order”

Alt – decent/free legal system
Hasnas 1995 – “uniformity no matter how… be radically different”

Oklahoma's approach certainly seems easier to understand. Pretty straight forward. Ahem.


Sarah Smarsh said...

I just sent out a dispatch commanding all writerly friends in such hubs as New York, Denver, Kansas City and Lawrence to purchase your book. Also pointed out that you are conveniently staging readings in all of the above locations. Kick ass!

Sarah Smarsh said...

Revision: The dispatch went to all friends in general. Not just writerly ones. The readerly ones, too.

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and on Aff we say using the word negro ( which in the legal system is synomous with nigger) in the legal system is bad, because it allows other words such as kike, bitch, chincs and slopeheads to be justified in our nation and laws.