Tuesday, September 12, 2006

really kick ass reporting

I don't think I have the guts it would take to pull off an interview like this, with the President of the United States in my face all Lyndon Johnson like, in his office, with all the power and history it conveys. I'm not a huge fan of TV news, and the Today show. But this was an excellent job by Matt Lauer.


Brad said...

Incredible. I'm so glad that Katie person moved on so she'll stop holding Matt back. I just wish that guy on the left would shut the hell up.

from_yesterday said...

Katie did a nice job of pinning down George the First back before she got really full of herself and ran amok with cooking segments and introducing musical performances by The Boss.

As for George the Second, I wish someone would do a better job of tying him down on the issue on the connection he said existed between the Iraqi government and Al Queda, when it's fairly clear now that there is none.

Adrianne said...

Wow. Just when you think morning news shows are all fluff. However, if Lauer can beat back Tom Cruise, handling the President is no sweat.