Wednesday, September 20, 2006

thank you!

I've been blessed by a bitch.

Shark Fu's is one of the best blogs in the blogosphere. Never let's me down.

Like today, when she wrote:
I don’t know if God wants folks to be rich. This bitch chats with her all the time, but we don’t talk about shit like that.

But I do feel a call to stand up against injustice and hatred…to welcome those in need into my life and offer them what I am able to…to embrace the ill as I was once embraced…to help my neighbor without the expectation that she will help me…to participate in my community and not sit back bitching about it from afar as if I don’t live here too.

Or when she shares a story, like yesterday.


I hope to meet her when I'm on the east side of I-70 next month!

Cross-X by Joe Miller

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