Tuesday, October 10, 2006

big city

As Allie and I strode onto the tarmac at Dulles in DC I conjured my best hillbilly accent and asked the man in the uniform, "Is this the way to New York City?!"

We got in all safe and sound and Allie's sister Jen whisked us right away to a vegan soul food joint in the Village called Red Bamboo. We had some fake calimari that beat the real thing.

They headed off for a rock concert while I hopped a cab downtown to be on the Joey Reynolds show. There I met super-principal George Albano -- brother, I would learn, of the wrestler Lou Albano -- and journalist Joe Williams, author of Cheating Our Kids, and, of course, Joey Reynolds.

I was thrilled to discover that Mr. Albano had not only read my book but he brought a copy covered with Post-It notes and highlighter marks all over it. He did more to promote the dang thing than I did!

We all chatted for an hour or so and the conversation meandered a bit and bordered at times on the strange, but it was as fun as hell! I wish I had the wherewithall to give a more in-depth report but I'm dogged out.

On the way home I checked my voice mail and received word from Marcus that the AP story is out.

Patti Smith is playing CBGB on Saturday. Lord, let there be tickets!


heidi said...

Hope your reading tonight in Harlem rocks! I'm sorry that I will have to miss it since I have stats class tonight, and we're coming up on a midterm.

George said...

Rock on, Joe!

And good luck getting tickets to Patti Smith at CBGBs. That would be a once-in-a-lifetime event.

ginak said...

Did you get tickets????