Monday, October 23, 2006

cup o'joel

My buddy Joel from Lawrence, the man responsible for me and Allie having a legitimate wedding, has written a nice article about me.

It's true about Joel and me becoming fast friends, though it didn't start out good.

On his first day of work he showed up with an open-collar shirt.

"Where's your tie?" I barked, as if I were a boss and not a fellow new guy.

And he clutched at his neck, and stammered, as if I were indeed the boss.

It's funny looking back on it, me griping about a lack of neckwear. But I figured if I had to suffer than every other ink stained wretch would have to suffer right along with me.

Soon we were regulars at Johnny's, scarfing up those fantastic bacon cheeseburgers. We've stayed in touch over the years, too. Which led me to his wedding, which was so lovely I had to lean over and suggest to Allie that we have one too.

Kinfolk back home: You can thank Joel for this spectacle we'll be having.

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