Thursday, October 12, 2006



I showed up in Harlem about an hour early for the reading. It was raining out. But I had bought an umbrella. Umbrella's are brilliant. In Kansas City, we just use cars.

The Hue-Man is around the corner from the Apollo.

They had a poster of my book in the window.

And a dozen books up front.

About a dozen people showed up for the reading, which is actually a pretty good crowd, considering the rain and the 6 p.m. start time. I read for a little bit, and then we got into an interesting discussion. Folks asked great questions. A couple of times I apologized for being depressing, when I would go off on how bad the school system is, but audience members said it was important to know these things.

Afterward, we went to a fabulous Ethiopian restaurant in the west 100s. I think it was called Awash.


trAcy said...

have fun up there.
it's cold here. might freeze plants tonight.

Anonymous said...

don't let the fame go to your head lol remember the little people

Anonymous said...

don't let the fame go to your head lol remember the little people

Makkyla said...

Bought your book. I guess I'm disappointed that you didn't have the consideration to bracket the cards before you sent it to press. Apparently, my only alternative it to actually read it.

Hollingsworth of the AP, 2006

""I think if you are going to deal with race, at some point you kind of have to own up to your stuff and realize that race isn't just them, it's us - white, black, Hispanic, Asian, male, female. "We are all sort of part of this problem we have, this division and inequality. It's not just a matter of white reporters like me going over to the east side of town and writing yet another story about hope rising out of a dismal place. White folks like me need to step up and say, 'I'm part of this equation.'"