Thursday, October 05, 2006

sunny day books

Rainy Day Books

I stopped by Rainy Day Books to see if I'd made it to the shelves. Walked in, and BAM! there it was, right up front in a stack.

I got to talking to the nice fellow behind the counter. A regular customer in a bow tie overheard us and announced he's buy two.

As I was signing them he told me that he'd debated in high school, then on scholarship at the University of Missouri. He said he kicked some ass in the Missouri state forensics tournament doing a reading from Black Power. He says the reason why he did so well, probably, is because it was so unusual in the late 1960s to hear a white kid from Jefferson City reading the words of Stokely Carmichael.

My kind of guy!

He gave me a card. Hopefully we'll have coffee some day.

(BTW, from now on I am only shopping at Rainy Day Books. You'll notice that all the links to my book on my blog now direct you to their page. Fist up for independents!)

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