Sunday, October 22, 2006

they love black people

My favorite moment in the debate came when KCPT's Nick Haines asked, simply, what both candidates would do for blacks if elected.

Talent answered first, and he spun out a fairly admirable list of legislation he'd backed or co-sponsored. All pretty much from a conservative perspective, of course, but real efforts nonetheless.

Then McCaskill gets up and says, boldly, that Talent received an F from the NAACP.


Ok, fair enough, I did the same thing for a take-out piece I wrote about Kit Bond a couple years back. But seriously, so what? The NAACP is just another political organization, as much a lapdog to the DNC as Talent is to the Bush administration.

So she proceeds to dress down Talent for being no friend to the black man. Then, as the seconds dwindle, she hastily says, "I been good to black folk."

Not a direct quote, but that's basically all she said. (Oh, and she hires blacks in her office.)

No specific policies. Just a big Democrat, take-em-for-granted grin.

Don't take this as an endorsement of Talent. There can be no denying that things have gotten worse for blacks -- according to just about any statistical barometer you care to use -- over the last 6 years.

But still. What do you really get from the left?


F Bombs said...

I really get the satisfaction of not supporting anyone with anything to do with failed GOP policy for 6 years. Neither Dems nor the GOP really give two shits about blacks after the ballots are cast-- oh and don't worry, we know this.

Anonymous said...

Education funding, health care funding, low interest loans, a better chance to go to college, the right to collective bargaining which Martin Luther King Jr. marched for right before he was shot and now we have a decent minimum wage...When comparing the two you have to look no further then the Lyndon Johnson State of the Union speech in which he addressed the Voting Rights Act, as Democrats stood and clapped and yelled happily and Republicans refused to make a sound. THAT is the difference.

Adrianne said...

I'm not so sure we can attribute everything that blacks have gained politically and economically to Democrats, as there were some Republicans and Independents who were pro-civil rights in the 50s and 60s, and a heck of a lot of bigoted Democrats (Dixiecrats) who couldn't wait for blacks to pipe down and get to the back of the bus where they belonged. Joe made an interesting post several days ago about President Johnson's unique political stance. Johnson was a Democrat and most attribute his selection as V.P. as an assuagement to Southern Democrats to earn Kennedy's nomination. How he became a civil rights champion is puzzling. However, most modern-day Democrats take the vote of people of color for granted and the Republicans used that fact to their advantage in their sweeping victories a few years ago.