Thursday, November 09, 2006


I voted against Clay Chastain's light rail plan. Now I'm really sorry I did. What a great opportunity to stick it to The Man.

I voted against it because Clay is annoying, and because my good friend David Martin said it was a bad idea.

But now that the measure won, I'm bummed I wasn't part of the rebel party.

Whether the actual plan was a bad idea or not doesn't matter. What's great is that an outsider who is pretty much disliked by all the folks in power managed to push a major public works project past voters.

That never happens here!

Bond issues are the domain of the dumbass in-crowd.

Or they're supposed to be.


I love it!!

I wish I could share in the credit.


heidi said...

Too bad more of the people who so giddily voted yes won't have to share in the actual sorting out of the messy details and dealing with trying to salvage anything practical from it.

Then they might have a better understanding of why the people who actually have to plan and run these things (not exactly "The Man" I might add) weren't in favor of it.

But yeah, at least it shows democracy can still work here.

joe said...

I agree, and don't mean to slight thoughtful, educated folks like you. My comments were very KC-centered. This town is run by a small, not very smart in crowd. And I'm just tickled pink when I see them lose.

ginak said...

Interestingly, I voted for it with an understanding that is is flawed based on this sense that light rail is constantly on the ballot and never goes through, so I thought of it as a vote of general support for new approaches to mass transit in KC (as opposed to just building more parking lots so that people can keep driving everywhere)thinking, well, it'll never WIN. It was kind of like voting for a third party candidate. And now, look! But my reaction has been part of my overall sense of disbelief over the past few days. I can still imagine saying "I had this crazy dream that it got really warm and dems won the senate and the house, then Rumsfeld resigned and now we're getting light rail. Oh, and Marty McFly is gonna be awwwwwright."