Tuesday, November 07, 2006

local news

The Star story came out today, and it's a rather glowing article. I was also on Fox 4 last night, but the video doesn't appear to be archived.

I'll be on Kraske's show with Coach Jane Rinehart and former debater Marcus Leach at 11 today.

(One of these days I'll go back to writing actual blog entries.)


trAcy said...

are they serious, OPRAH? dang.

what about victor hogstrom's channel 19 show or charlie rose? that's where i have always "met" my new favorite writers/people.

ps - i didn't know/remember you were piloting a debate team at de la salle. . .you'll have to tell me what's up with them. . i recall press saying they had shut down (at least the middle school part(?)).

pps - star sidebar quote about your high school life: bold, expected, humble and cool.

ppps - you're about going to be worn out tonight, eh?

joe said...

I think they over did it a bit. I don't envision Oprah in my future, not bestseller status. But things are going well just the same.