Tuesday, November 07, 2006

radio days


This morning Marcus and I met at the KCUR studios to record a segment for NPR's News & Notes. Ebony Rose joined us via high tech wiring from Louisville, and Farai Chideya interviewed us from Los Angeles. Best quote came from Ebony: "The master has lots of tools, but they need to be stole."

Then Coach Jane Rinehart joined us for a Steve Kraske's Up to Date. This was a great show. In my opinion, the best yet. Kraske's a deft host.

And you can now listen to my reading at Prairie Lights in Iowa City. It's probably the most debate-focused one so far. There were a lot of debaters and debate coaches in attendance. Honestly, I don't think I did so good at this one. I said "sort of" a lot. But it was a good crowd, and they seemed to like it.

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