Wednesday, January 24, 2007


So Allie and I are reading this menu of spa goodies at the insanely luxurious resort where we'll be staying for our honeymoon (in the honeymoon suite, no less). And we're hemming and hawing over which package we should choose. And I'm like, "Duh! We've got to do the Love package!"

But Allie isn't too sure. And she mutters comething about chocalate and too much money, I'm not sure exactly.

At any rate, I leap to my feet, incredulous:

"How can we go to Costa Rica, stay in a hoity-toity resort at the foot of a volcano, and not get totally covered in chocolate?!?! It's our honeymoon, for God's sake!!!"


Brad said...

I will be very disappointed in both of you if you don't go for the chocolate love package.

So to speak.

EJM said...

"At any rate, I leap to my feat, incredulous:"

That is a feat.

trAcy said...

we will only support this if there are photos.

feet will be fine.

however, i don't know if chocolate is good for the skin. : ) which isn't the point, if there's privacy, but if there's some spa matron involved, i dunno. . .

watch out for ants!

joe said...