Sunday, January 14, 2007


Sorry I haven't been updating much. Most of the stuff that would make good blog fodder is stuff I can't really write about. I'm working on this mayoral campaign, and the candidate debates and forums have been great on the comedy end of the blog spectrum. But I can't really do that to the opponents, even if it is just straight reporting of absurd things they say in public.

It kind of felt like our candidate took the lead last week (knock wood) -- especially with this kind of attention.


I checked into the old Motel 6 this week. Didn't spend any nights there, just used it as an office of sorts to force my way through a draft of my proposal for my second book. This would be my third go at a proposal. Proposals are by far the hardest things I have to write.

I'm falling into a pattern. When the writing gets tough, I check into the Motel 6 on 87th and I-435. And I write and anguish on the frumpy little bed and I pace the tiny room and I write again. And then I always go for lunch at least once at Peachtree Buffet. And I take short walks in the tiny neighborhood behind the motel and listen to the same three Mariah Carey songs over and over again on my iPod. And then I write a little more. Dang but that Mariah sure does sing pretty.

Three days of that and I got a draft together, and Allie read it today and said a lot of it is really, really good, but that it has some structural issues. (the worst kind, of course!)

And then, perfect timing, The New York Times starts a three-part series about Pentecostalism today, which, of course, had some points I'd forgotten to mention in this proposal.

We finally have winter around here. I'm not enraged about it.

Wedding's fast approaching. Costa Rica, too.

(kind of a dump-file post. sorry.)

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