Saturday, February 03, 2007

bloggy buzz

I been working on Mark Funkhouser's campaign, mostly on the media side, and it's been going pretty good. Part of my job is to maintain the website. There's a page on there with links to all the articles and blog entries I can find that mention Mark. As you can see, it's getting pretty long. I think the blog entries are particularly cool, because they indicate what the Average Allie is thinking. (Plus, he's gotten several straight-up endorsements in the blogosphere).

Well, being a tad competitive, I decided to see how many blog mentions his competitors have gotten.

Let me start with a caveat: This survey isn't scientific, and I won't pretend to be totally thorough. What I did was a blog search on each candidate's name in Google. Below you'll find links where each one has been mentioned. I decided to leave out the big overview entries like Can't get this sozen in a box and The Candidates and Who's the Grinchiest?. I've also taken all the entries that mention Funk alond with other candidates and moved them fully into Funk's column -- for one because, obviously, I'm biased toward him and, two, because, quite frankly, the entries are mostly positive about Funk and negative about the others. I also left out KC Buzz Blog, because they've done too damn many entries on the mayor's race, and because they aren't necessarily just regular folks blogging for fun.

Anyhoo, here goes...

Alvin Brooks
KC Mayor's Race - Alvin Brooks -- Alvin Brooks

Chuck Eddy
A cuppa Kansas City whine -- Chuck "We Need Bridges" Eddy -- People of KC Support Cancer Instead of Chuck Eddy

Janice Ellis
Tell Me Lies -- Janice Ellis -- Janice Ellis Sees Stars

John Fairfield
John Fairfield and His Friends -- TIF abuse reaches new heights in Briarcliff -- John Fairfield

Jim Glover
Another NPH First

Stanford Glazer
Mike "Corporate Hack" Hendricks wants to play the nickname game -- How Difficult is It?

Henry Klein
Klein Getting Desperate...Already? -- Mike "Corporate Hack" Hendricks wants to play the nickname game

Becky Nace
Just Say NO to Becky Nace -- The Backs Some Candidates Ride to be Mayor -- Becky Bartle? -- Let's not be nice to Becky Nace . . . In fact, she deserves a lot of bashing -- Can Kansas City Afford the Becky Nace Administration? -- Better Play Nace -- Becky Nace -- Deb Hermann and Becky Nace are less trustworthy than hookers

Katheryn Shields
Unethical Appraisal Gets You 20 -- Katheryn Shields Indicted!!! -- Boom -- Katheryn "I will be Mayor" Shields -- Irony in Motion -- Shields, interrupted -- Bitch better have my money: Where is my $19 Million?

Albert Riederer
Hey! Hey! Hey! Its finally Albert!! -- Riederer joins the mayoral pack

And then there's Funk:
(I didn't add links because Blogger is freaking out. Here's the news page.)
Penguin Hunting: The High Cost of Failure
Hip to the Funk?
Can Cauthen survive without Kay?
Brookside Forum Results
A Captive TIF Audit
Barnes is so KATTY
Funk TV
Transportation Issues
Klein and Funkhouser Push Ideas
Mayoral Candidates Face Off
The Media tries to determine victors
The House of Funk
Support for Funkhouser
Bring in the TIF Gimp
Mark Funkhouser is far and away the BEST candidate
Who Will He Pick?
Fast Funk
Ming the Merciless for Mayor
Draft Funkhouser for Mayor
Funkhouser and Frevere
Funk, Authenticity, and the Cheesecake Factory
Putting the fun in Funkhouser
Sign of the times

We're also kicking their butts in the MSM.


Anonymous said...

where did you learn to google blog search?

joe said...

On google. If you do a news search it gives a blog search link along with the results. For some reason it doesn't give you the option on the main page.

Anonymous said...

i was joking. i started at the top of your list and looked them up and came up wth more hits for all of the candidates. you did include a buzz blog post, fyi.

joe said...

Were the extra hits those spam blogs? The ones that repost news articles. Because I didn't include those.