Tuesday, February 20, 2007

el borat

I have become the American version of Borat here in Costa Rica. Everywhere I go I speak Spanish in a naive but earnest accent and my sentences are littered with bad grammar that's kind of cute. Instead of very nice! I'm constantly saying muy bien! I've even taken to flashing the thumbs up when I'm happy about something.

On our first day here in Quepos I went to the farmacia to find something for my big toe, which I banged up pretty good when I slipped in the spa at Tabacon (tore part of my toe nail off). I went up to the counter asked asked the woman, Do you know something about the sick fingers? And I lifted my foot for her to see the mangled toe.

But so far I haven't gotten anyone to admit that they wish slavery were still legal. I guess it's not that kind of country.

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