Monday, February 26, 2007

kcur forum 4

SO while they're talking about education, about all the stuff they'll do about the KC school district, not once mentioning that the best way to help is to cut back on the tax incentives to developers that are robbing schools blind, allow me a moment to talk about this wonderful building we're gathered in. This forum is in the auditorium at the Liberty Memorial WWI Museum, which is sumptuous in the extreme -- brand new velvety red chairs, smooth hardwood walls, automatic soap dispensers in the bathroom. As Borat would says, very nice.

Wonder who paid for it.


Heidi said...

So what's the real deal on what Funk did or did not say about school vouchers that other commenters on other blogs are spouting off about?

Heidi said...

Never the recording from KCUR to hear it.

gk said...

interesting. although, just to play devil's advocate on the specific example, i wouldn't necessarily consider a history museum antithetical to education.

point well taken nonetheless.